Bird watching

grifoneWhen holidaying in Bosa we highly recommended that you knock on the doors of the magnificent ‘master of the house’: the griffon vulture. This magnificent bird is the undisputed master of the Catalan coast that divides the pearl of Planargia from Alghero.


“The mountain is made for everyone, not just for climbers: for those who want to rest in the stillness just as those who seek a rest from the fatigue, in order to become ever stronger.”
Guido Rey

Horse riding

In the beautiful countryside, at the foot of the castle of Bosa, you can find the riding school Binza e Campus where horse riding is a passion as well as a healthy sport that brings the spirit and body in contact with nature. The riding club of Bosa is only 800m from the town and is the perfect place for both adults and children to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. The centre provides horseback riding and riding lessons for all ages, including children and the disabled. In addition to the riding school the centre also breeds and tames foals.

Tour of the Monuments

San Pietro Extramuros churchThis church is one of the oldest and most prestigious examples of Romanesque architecture, and is located in the countryside, surrounded by stunning natural scenery. It is approx 1mile from our hotel and can be easily accessed by car, boat or by foot.

The beaches

Bosa Marina
Bosa MarinaThe large beach of Bosa Marina is particularly charming due to the presence of the majestic tower, located on top of the hill at the mouth of the river Temo, and which dominates the landscape. This beach is famous for its dark sand and can be easily reached by car or bike.

Surrounding area

For lovers of culture and tradition we highly recommend visiting the surrounding villages of Bosa, in the Planargia area.

Just 10 km from Bosa, and easily accessible by car, are the towns of Flussio and Tinnura, which specialise in the making of artistic interlacing fibres of asphodel, willow and reed. From early spring you can see the vegetable fibres, used to make Sardinian baskets, hung out to dry in the sun around the streets of the town.

The history of Bosa

It is said that Bosa was founded by Calmedia, daughter of the legendary Sardus Pater. This is according to the legend fueled by a Spanish manuscript of an unknown author published in 1857 by Canon Giovanni Spano. Myths aside, the first concrete signs of the existence of Bosa date back to the ninth century BC, in an inscription of the lost city of Phoenician.

The city

Bosa is situated on the Northwest coast of Sardinia and is surrounded by many small agricultural towns, rich in culture and ancient ruins. The city is located in the province of Oristano and is the historical capital of the sub region Planargia.

superior panoramic room

The romantic and elegant superior panoramic rooms are available in two styles:
- Shades of pastel colours ranging from blue to beige;
- Room on two levels, living area and sleeping area, decorated in Art Nouveau style with the essence and the natural tones of Iroko wood and parquet flooring.
Both versions have a wide veranda with sun beds, table and comfortable sofas where you can enjoy the full beauty of the breathtaking scenery of the historic centre of Bosa with the River Temo in full view.

superior room

The superior room is on two levels and has a sleeping area, living room with sofa, and a study (approx 16 +8). The room is very spacious and is designed to offer maximum privacy and comfort. It is furnished in an Art Nouveau style, complete with the natural tones of the Iroko wood and parquet flooring.

Room Amenities